Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'd Rather See Than Be One"...Swankey the Sheep

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8 March 2011

It is starting to feel a bit like spring here. We have had days recently with rain, hail, and sun all in one day. The crocus are up, and our plum tree will open its buds any day now. Just two weeks ago we had a flurry or two of snow, but it didn't daunt the new growth on our rose bushes.

I haven't been in the back yard this week to check if the deer have pruned the roses for me, as they usually do. Poor things' habitat is so hemmed in by development, just a narrow stretch of evergreen and maple woods on a hillside. I can't seem to get upset when they look for tasty treats. They find the windfalls from our apple trees in the fall.

These baby carnations were some my youngest daughter and fiance' gave me at Christmas. My sweet husband brought home peachy/orange roses last week, and I forgot to photograph them. He thought I needed "sunshine"! They smelled like violets, and I am trying to root cuttings from the stems. My thumbs are not too "green" though.
I am working on portraits in oil of my two grandsons at the moment, and will post those photos soon. I set them on the mantle and look at them for a few days and always find something to change! It is hard for me to stop and call "finished" to a painting.