Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Looking Back

Just a few photos of me and my loves from summer.
Swans from my sketch book that reside at Sidney B.C.

My  Sweetheart of 47 years aboard our boat, doing something serious, evidently! A bit of cabin clutter. The clam shell was for mixing watercolor paint. The rest of the mess is because i am not great at "ship shape".

Below: Time out for tea in Nanaimo B.C. where we tied up in the marina to ride out strong winds for a couple days.

"Crafting Calm"

I have been missing due to living life! So , so busy. Family, friends, painting, boating, enjoying the people and places I love. Time to take a few quiet moments in between to savor, appreciate, and be grateful. 

I just started a "Crafting Calm" workshop based on the wonderful inspiring book of that title. Yesterday was our first gathering, and there were 12  of us there. I left feeling happier, and I hope they did also. They will bring their own crafts to work on next week, but this time I provided necklace materials to glue in an affirmative word and an image of their choosing. Glue not yet dry makes for odd reflections, but it was fun and not challenging for those who are intimidated by the word "Art".

Images to recall on winter days

 The home of my heart, and inspiration for paintings. Decatur Island, my cousin's beach.
 Seascape at anchor. I call her my husband's "Mistress"! She takes us to lovely tranquil places.
This will be a painting. The view from my cousin's bay. REED bay, Decatur island It was named after our Great grandfather, who came to the Island in 1869 from Pennsylvania. sadly, the early surveyor of the island spelled it "Reid"