Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where The Sheep Live...

Home sweet home. This was actually taken in June when the peonys were blooming...just surfing through my photos tonight. Just discovered that my sweetie has not been paying attention to the credit card points piling up for the last 6 years on our COSTCO card, and I did not know we were getting any. Looks like I will be able to get a new laptop to replace the 10 year old one that was handed down from sweetie. Yay! Looking forward to being able to use it for viewing the photos I want to paint from. The photos are just a jumping off spot for painting inspiration. Another tool to help my memory.
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I haven't posted enough art here, so this is a stand in until I do so! This is my daughter Heather's art! She baked this cake for her aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary picnic a couple weeks ago. It was not only pretty, but yummy!
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Lovely swallowtail butterfly sampling the flowers. I wish I had photographed the Anna's hummingbird that flew into our entry way on the weekend! It was stunning. It couldn't figure out how to come down from the skylight! We tried luring it with a feeder on a long pole. it would stop and sip, but when I tried to lower the pole the feeder would sway, and scare it back up. Finally opened all doors and just let it be. It came down finally, but ws still trying to escape through a closed window. Caught it in my hand, gently, and took it outside. Took him a few seconds to realize he was free! What a thrill, seeing it up close.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flowers on Our table

Wild combination from the garden, includes Blackberries
penstemon, roses, clematis, oregano and smoke bush.

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