Monday, September 19, 2011

Auction Jewelry

                       These are earrings and a necklace I created for a church auction in
                       November. I will be making others soon. I don't know why these
                       pictures imported from Picassa don't stay flipped in the right direction!
                       I wish I had more of these carved little face beads, but my source is
                       a bead store in Anacortes that is 90 minutes away, not to mention a
                       temptation to my checkbook!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where The Sheep Live...

Home sweet home. This was actually taken in June when the peonys were blooming...just surfing through my photos tonight. Just discovered that my sweetie has not been paying attention to the credit card points piling up for the last 6 years on our COSTCO card, and I did not know we were getting any. Looks like I will be able to get a new laptop to replace the 10 year old one that was handed down from sweetie. Yay! Looking forward to being able to use it for viewing the photos I want to paint from. The photos are just a jumping off spot for painting inspiration. Another tool to help my memory.
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I haven't posted enough art here, so this is a stand in until I do so! This is my daughter Heather's art! She baked this cake for her aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary picnic a couple weeks ago. It was not only pretty, but yummy!
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Lovely swallowtail butterfly sampling the flowers. I wish I had photographed the Anna's hummingbird that flew into our entry way on the weekend! It was stunning. It couldn't figure out how to come down from the skylight! We tried luring it with a feeder on a long pole. it would stop and sip, but when I tried to lower the pole the feeder would sway, and scare it back up. Finally opened all doors and just let it be. It came down finally, but ws still trying to escape through a closed window. Caught it in my hand, gently, and took it outside. Took him a few seconds to realize he was free! What a thrill, seeing it up close.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flowers on Our table

Wild combination from the garden, includes Blackberries
penstemon, roses, clematis, oregano and smoke bush.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Night Before

Getting ready to head out on the boat tomorrow for our three weeks in the B.C. Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. I feel better about leaving knowing that our daughter and family are staying here and taking care of our house and yard.
This photo is "Seascape" anchored at Cabbage Island on last summer's trip.

Have been packing bags full of art supplies and books, and even a goodly amount of my bead stash in case I feel like making something. The boat really isn't very big , and storage space is minimal. Unfortunately I always have overflow of my materials in carry-ons beneath the dinette, or on the seat beside me...just under that aft window! Clothes and food take up most of the out of sight storage space. Wish i was one of those people who can leave home with a few drip dry clothes instead of all the things I "might possibly" need.

Likely will not be able to post much enroute, as we will mostly be at remote anchorages.

Until August,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is the top of my desk, and a pastel painting I did of a forest scene. I rather like the sunny reflection, sunshine has been way too scarce these past few months.

Chuck bought the prints when he was in the Navy and in Okinawa.

This next painting is of Swankey my cousin Karens sheep, who also lives at Decatur. I have posted it before, but not in this context. ( on the fireplace mantel).

In early June Chuck and I drove down to Yacolt, WA, stayed with dear friends Linda and Fred. They served us a wonderful dinner, and we played a board game, "Settlers Of Catan" that we always enjoy together. I always lose, but it is fun, never the less!

The next morning Chuck and Fred headed out to a Tool flea market, and Linda and I went yard saleing for treasures! Found a few. Lovely big fluffy bath sheets for only 2 dollars each, and Linda got a whole service for 12 set of English ironstone dishes really cheap. I told her she must have a party now, and invite me! After we ran out of yard sales we drove into Portland Oregon on the back roads, and wandered through antique stores in the neighborhood our son Nat and Kari live in. More treasures!

Chuck and Fred met us about 2 at Nat's house, and Fred and Linda went home. Kari was at a graduation ceremony for the school where she teaches . So, Nat took us to The Rhododendron garden near Reed College. These were some of the flowers and scenery there, plus one of Nat and their doggy "Bella".

Went out to dinner with Nat and Kari at a restaurant in their neighborhood of Selwood. I really like the neighborhood, old Craftsman style houses and pretty gardens.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Flowers

My birthday is May 19th, and I think this is the perfect time of year, especially when the sun is shining as it is today. Flowers are blooming and all the summer is yet to come. We are supposed to have 3 or 4 days of sun in a row now, and after a really soggy spring this is such a joy. When Chuck was in the Navy and we lived in far away places I used to tell people that when the sun comes out in western Washington we say, "Oh, look! the sun!" Maybe I scared away a few!

I need to practice flower arranging for Cyndi's wedding table decorations next year, but she very sweetly told me she will love whatever I make. I am hoping there are still tulips in bloom on May 12, 2012. I may have to plant bulbs at staggered times to make it happen.

Lisianthus, white bleeding heart, lilacs, and bells of Ireland, the arrangement on our dining table at the moment.

Roche Harbor Trip

Last weekend we went to Roche Harbor on our boat, Seascape. Here is Captain Chuck at the helm as we are transiting the slough from LaConner marina to the San Juan Islands. The weather was calm on Friday, a few showers Friday night, but mostly nice on Saturday. The church is called "Our Lady of the Sea" and is part of the resort. This was our view from the boat: beautiful! The photos don't do the place justice so I may have to paint my impressions.

There were many large planters of spring flowers, including tulips and narcissus, arranged down the brick walkway that separates old Hotel De Haro from the gardens and the marina. Even on a cloudy day it was "sunny" with bright flowers. Chuck attended a few workshops with the Grand Banks Assn group, while I wandered around taking pictures.

The bench flanked with flowers was in front of "The Company Store".
Pretty well stocked for a small place. I was even able to find gluten free crackers, and some great olive tepenade to add to our lunch.

This arrangement was in the "Sunken garden", and there was a wedding there on Saturday. They lucked out between showers!

The hotel as viewed from the waterfront. we didn't stay there since we had our cozy nest on the boat, but it would be fun to sometime.

Here is Seascape, tucked in with mostly larger yachts. MUCH larger!
She is plenty big enough for two of us, however. (facing out, next to empty slip).

The trip home was in a solid downpour with mists resting on the island tops. I won't complain about rain when the water is this calm though. We were warm and dry in the cabin, and I got my art supply bag totally organized en route!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Painting On The Boat

Here I am, working in a sketchbook on our boat. this only works at anchor and on smooth crossings of the straights. The laptop was set up to view some of my photos.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Grandsons: Kevin at age 4, Ryan at age 2 oil on canvas

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Sketchbook Journaling

May 1, 2011

May 1st, and we have had two whole days of sunshine after the coldest April on record in the Seattle area. These trilliums are blooming in the woods on the back of our property, along with Indian plum and salmon berry bushes. I love this time of year when everything is new and green and promises more to come.

The boating season began for us this weekend when we took our first overnight trip of the year. We don't have heat except when under way or plugged in at a marina, so we usually wait until late April to enjoy being out on the water.

My husband and I joined our Power and Sail Squadron friends at a rondezvous in Oak Harbor. It was a two and a half hour run for us from LaConner where we keep "Seascape". Smooth waters both coming and going, and I am a fair weather boater, so that was great.

I took along two bags of art supplies and books to read but didn't get a thing painted. Too busy visiting and savoring the day. The water around the docks was glowing green in the sunshine, with schools of perch and smelt about 6 inches long . I did take lots of photos for future painting reference. If the weather continues so nice my painting mania will be warring with the urge to dig in the dirt and plant things, but I should be able to spare some time to sketching in the garden even if I am planting. If it rains this week I am saved the choice. At least I will never be bored!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'd Rather See Than Be One"...Swankey the Sheep

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8 March 2011

It is starting to feel a bit like spring here. We have had days recently with rain, hail, and sun all in one day. The crocus are up, and our plum tree will open its buds any day now. Just two weeks ago we had a flurry or two of snow, but it didn't daunt the new growth on our rose bushes.

I haven't been in the back yard this week to check if the deer have pruned the roses for me, as they usually do. Poor things' habitat is so hemmed in by development, just a narrow stretch of evergreen and maple woods on a hillside. I can't seem to get upset when they look for tasty treats. They find the windfalls from our apple trees in the fall.

These baby carnations were some my youngest daughter and fiance' gave me at Christmas. My sweet husband brought home peachy/orange roses last week, and I forgot to photograph them. He thought I needed "sunshine"! They smelled like violets, and I am trying to root cuttings from the stems. My thumbs are not too "green" though.
I am working on portraits in oil of my two grandsons at the moment, and will post those photos soon. I set them on the mantle and look at them for a few days and always find something to change! It is hard for me to stop and call "finished" to a painting.

Friday, January 14, 2011

This was done about 15 years ago. It is not my daughter Heather's favorite, she was
tired of posing for me, and her expression shows it. I always intended to go back to
this and turn the lips up in a smile, but that has not happened yet! This is on canvas,
18x 24 .

I need to do more portraits, that is where my heart is. I have been painting landscapes because they are more of a challenge for me. Not the usual artists complaint, but I have drawn faces since I was a child. My goal for this spring is to paint more, especially portraits.
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