Friday, July 8, 2011

The Night Before

Getting ready to head out on the boat tomorrow for our three weeks in the B.C. Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. I feel better about leaving knowing that our daughter and family are staying here and taking care of our house and yard.
This photo is "Seascape" anchored at Cabbage Island on last summer's trip.

Have been packing bags full of art supplies and books, and even a goodly amount of my bead stash in case I feel like making something. The boat really isn't very big , and storage space is minimal. Unfortunately I always have overflow of my materials in carry-ons beneath the dinette, or on the seat beside me...just under that aft window! Clothes and food take up most of the out of sight storage space. Wish i was one of those people who can leave home with a few drip dry clothes instead of all the things I "might possibly" need.

Likely will not be able to post much enroute, as we will mostly be at remote anchorages.

Until August,

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