Friday, July 8, 2011

The Night Before

Getting ready to head out on the boat tomorrow for our three weeks in the B.C. Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. I feel better about leaving knowing that our daughter and family are staying here and taking care of our house and yard.
This photo is "Seascape" anchored at Cabbage Island on last summer's trip.

Have been packing bags full of art supplies and books, and even a goodly amount of my bead stash in case I feel like making something. The boat really isn't very big , and storage space is minimal. Unfortunately I always have overflow of my materials in carry-ons beneath the dinette, or on the seat beside me...just under that aft window! Clothes and food take up most of the out of sight storage space. Wish i was one of those people who can leave home with a few drip dry clothes instead of all the things I "might possibly" need.

Likely will not be able to post much enroute, as we will mostly be at remote anchorages.

Until August,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is the top of my desk, and a pastel painting I did of a forest scene. I rather like the sunny reflection, sunshine has been way too scarce these past few months.

Chuck bought the prints when he was in the Navy and in Okinawa.

This next painting is of Swankey my cousin Karens sheep, who also lives at Decatur. I have posted it before, but not in this context. ( on the fireplace mantel).

In early June Chuck and I drove down to Yacolt, WA, stayed with dear friends Linda and Fred. They served us a wonderful dinner, and we played a board game, "Settlers Of Catan" that we always enjoy together. I always lose, but it is fun, never the less!

The next morning Chuck and Fred headed out to a Tool flea market, and Linda and I went yard saleing for treasures! Found a few. Lovely big fluffy bath sheets for only 2 dollars each, and Linda got a whole service for 12 set of English ironstone dishes really cheap. I told her she must have a party now, and invite me! After we ran out of yard sales we drove into Portland Oregon on the back roads, and wandered through antique stores in the neighborhood our son Nat and Kari live in. More treasures!

Chuck and Fred met us about 2 at Nat's house, and Fred and Linda went home. Kari was at a graduation ceremony for the school where she teaches . So, Nat took us to The Rhododendron garden near Reed College. These were some of the flowers and scenery there, plus one of Nat and their doggy "Bella".

Went out to dinner with Nat and Kari at a restaurant in their neighborhood of Selwood. I really like the neighborhood, old Craftsman style houses and pretty gardens.