Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I haven't posted enough art here, so this is a stand in until I do so! This is my daughter Heather's art! She baked this cake for her aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary picnic a couple weeks ago. It was not only pretty, but yummy!
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  1. Hello! I meant to 'pop' over before now to say Hello! But we've been busy with visitors. Thank you for your comments you left on my blog. You have a boat which looks just like the kind we would like! And you enjoy the sea and that chocolate cake looks wonderful! I try and draw but I often get distracted, so have just joined a drawing class to keep me disciplined! It's nice to meet you.

  2. My second try at answering you! This blog and I don't understand each other! I have been de-railed in art and posting planning a daughters wedding. This grey weather emphasises the sunny ones, anyway. Several of my friends have escaped south this month in search of sunshine,but I am a native growing moss! :-) The cake was really good, and there was lots. She is trying out recipes for her sisters wedding cake, and as the baker and her family are resident with us, it is Temptation! I survived a recent bday cake with no taste though. Got to get a new dress for that wedding, and it is incentive to stay on my diet. Sigh.
    Thanks for coming by. Now if blogger will just post this for me...