Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roche Harbor Trip

Last weekend we went to Roche Harbor on our boat, Seascape. Here is Captain Chuck at the helm as we are transiting the slough from LaConner marina to the San Juan Islands. The weather was calm on Friday, a few showers Friday night, but mostly nice on Saturday. The church is called "Our Lady of the Sea" and is part of the resort. This was our view from the boat: beautiful! The photos don't do the place justice so I may have to paint my impressions.

There were many large planters of spring flowers, including tulips and narcissus, arranged down the brick walkway that separates old Hotel De Haro from the gardens and the marina. Even on a cloudy day it was "sunny" with bright flowers. Chuck attended a few workshops with the Grand Banks Assn group, while I wandered around taking pictures.

The bench flanked with flowers was in front of "The Company Store".
Pretty well stocked for a small place. I was even able to find gluten free crackers, and some great olive tepenade to add to our lunch.

This arrangement was in the "Sunken garden", and there was a wedding there on Saturday. They lucked out between showers!

The hotel as viewed from the waterfront. we didn't stay there since we had our cozy nest on the boat, but it would be fun to sometime.

Here is Seascape, tucked in with mostly larger yachts. MUCH larger!
She is plenty big enough for two of us, however. (facing out, next to empty slip).

The trip home was in a solid downpour with mists resting on the island tops. I won't complain about rain when the water is this calm though. We were warm and dry in the cabin, and I got my art supply bag totally organized en route!

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